The Editor

The following sections are included under this topic:


Starting and Using the Editor 

Editor Toolbar 

Editor Sidebar and Cue List 

Undoing, Redoing and Saving Your Changes 

Production Properties 



Audio Output Devices

Video Audio Devices

Video Capture Devices

Live Inputs

Input Groups

Fixture Types

Lighting Devices - DMX

Control Send Devices - MIDI

Control Send Devices - RS232

Control Send Devices - Network

Control Send Devices - HTTP

Cue Control Devices - MIDI

Cue Control Devices - RS232

Cue Control Devices - Network

Cue Control Devices - DMX

Time Profiles

Run Time Settings

Import Devices from another SCS Cue File

Cue Properties 

Time-Based Cues

Callable Cues

Standby Cues

Re-Number Cues

Cue-Start Confirmation

Hotkey Banks

Cue Types

Audio File Cues

Live Input Cues

Stop / Fade-Out / Release (SFR) Cues 

Level Change Cues 

Playlist Cues 

Video/Image Cues 

Lighting Cues

Control Send Cues 

MTC Cues

Note Cues 

Memo Cues

Go To Cues 

Set Position Cues 

'Call Cue' Cues

Run External Program Cues 

Enable/Disable Cues

Collect Production Files 

Bulk Edit Cues

Copy Properties from another Cue or Sub-Cue

Copy, Move or Delete a Range of Cues 

Drag and Drop

Import Cues from another SCS Cue File 

Import Cues from a CSV File 

Export Cues to a new SCS Cue File