Callable Cues

Callable Cues are only available with SCS Professional and higher license levels.

A Callable Cue is similar to a Hotkey (Trigger) cue except that the cue is started by other cues rather than by a keyboard action. Callable Cues are designed for situations where you may have the same sequence of events to be triggered several times in the show, where all those events can be set up as sub-cues of a single cue. The cue type that is used to activate a callable cue is the 'Call Cue' Cue.

Here's an example of a Callable Cue as set up the Editor:


Note that the Cue's Activation Method is set to Callable Cue because this cue will be activated by another cue which will be of type 'Call Cue'.

Parameters: A Callable Cue may optionally have parameters which enable selected sub-cue properties to be set based on values supplied for those properties in a cue that calls this Callable Cue.

Up to 4 parameters may be supplied.

The format is parameter1=default, parameter2=default, etc, but default values (as shown by '=default') are optional.

Each parameter (also referred to as a parameter id) must start with a letter in the range A-Z or a-z. Remaining characters in a parameter id must be in the range A-Z, a-z, 0-9, or _ (underscore).

There are no restrictions on the characters used for parameter defaults, except that , (comma) cannot be used within a default as it indicates the end of a parameter=default component.

Any leading and trailing spaces are ignored.

In the above screenshot CC2 has 3 parameters (UP, DN and OTH), and DN has been assigned a default value of 3.0.

The screenshot also shows a Lighting sub-cue with each of the fade times set from a parameter rather than having an actual time. When CC2 is called from a Call Cue like this:

then the UP in the Lighting Cue (CC2<1>) will be replaced at run-time by 1.5, DN and OTH will both be replaced by 2. If DN had been left blank in Q3<1> then in CC2<1> DN would have been replaced by 3.0 as that is the default value specified in CC2.

Because a Callable Cue may be called many times, when an activation of the cue does complete, the cue is reset to 'Ready', just like a Hotkey cue.

We recommend you place all Callable Cues at the end of your cue list.

IMPORTANT: Support for Parameters in Callable Cues and subordinate sub-cues was introduced in SCS 11.9 and there is currently a very limited number of sub-cue properties that accept parameter substitution. This list is expected to be expanded in later releases as the demand arises. Currently only the following properties support parameter substitution:

Lighting Cues: Parameter substitution is supported for the time values against 'Use this fade up time', 'Use this fade down time', and 'Use this fade out time'.

MIDI Control Send Cues: Parameter substitution is supported for certain fields, eg Velocity. Where parameter substitution is available, the corresponding drop-down list will include the parameter id's at the top of the list.

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