"Thank you for all your hard work on SCS"

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all your hard work on SCS in regards to the x32 mutes. Two of us rigged full light and sound with a band, plus we also managed to set up the show sound cues and microphone mutes for 20 radio mics in under a day this week for a large show we are currently involved in.

I have attached the scs file as an example of what can be achieved now with the new system in a short time.

Dee Ireland

"Outstanding Program and Always Superb Support"

I have used your software for a number of years now, and really enjoy using it. We use it for our live radio broadcast for our “new” old time radio broadcasts. We are now starting season number 15.

We also use it for our murder mystery dinner theaters, as well as our live theater productions.

Steve Brown, PhD,
The WGTD Radio Theater, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

"Great SCS experience"

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I've just finished a two week run of a university graduation using SCS for playback.

I had a 50-page slideshow in the pre-show, as well as the opening and closing slides running in SCS, and four video rolls during the show. We were in a 2,500-seat theatre, and streaming live to YouTube for the entire run. We had a pair of 9x16 foot projection screens with 14,000 lumen projectors hung from the theatre's rigging pipes.

Angus Findlay,

"I am in love with your product"

I have been using SCS since date of purchase and it is fantastic. I am still finding things I can learn with it - but it is fluid, easy to use.

Matthew Caffoe, Artistic Director/Actor, Mashed Theatre, Queensland, Australia

"Everything works really great!"

Last weekend was the premiere of our current production (and the first time with SCS) and everything works really great! The SCS-Project includes Time-Based-, Playlist-, Audio-, Video- and Lighting Cues and there were no problems.

Simon Paulekuhn, STATT-Theater Mengeringhausen, Germany

"Never been so easy"

Just finished the run of Legally Blonde at a local theatre and can report the faultless integration of SCS and the X32. Programming and Controlling the Mic Mutes has never been so easy (16 radio mics, 23 mics in the orchestra, 5 float mics and 1 mic in the green room for chorus backing).

248 mic cues ran without a hitch even running though a wireless router (used this so that I could adjust the X32 from the stage during sound checks etc.).

Simon Wicks, UK

'SCS is the go-to solution for all my shows.'

Whether doing large productions like Grease, Sound of Music, Oliver and many more for the Cork Opera House or simpler school shows, SCS is bullet proof for everything from simple playback to midi based show control. (The midi implementation is excellent.)

Lawrence White, Freelance Sound Designer

'What a pleasure'


What a pleasure to have personal contact from a software developer/supplier. It makes a very welcome change in this world of automated online shopfronts and "noreply" email addresses.

As I'm typing I'd like to say a big thank you for the SCS product, it really is a fantastic, easy to use, bullet proof, reasonably priced piece of software. I come from the world of TV and Film sound recording and have found myself branching out into theatre sound design by accident. SCS being so intuitive was a great help to me as someone who has had to learn from scratch on their own.

Simon Clark, Simon Clark Audio


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