The following levels of registration are available: LiteStandardProfessionalProfessional Plus and Platinum.

For a detailed comparison of the features in each license level see: Compare Levels

liteSCS Lite

  • Build and save a list of Audio File Cues
  • Assign the required level (volume) and pan for each cue
  • Include Stop/Fade-Out Cues to terminate or fade-out cues when required
  • Play several audio files simultaneously
  • Set up Hot keys to play selected audio file cues at any time
  • Start cues by a mouse right-click or by clicking a 'Go' button on the screen. You can, for example, step through the cues for a show using a simple right-click on the mouse.
  • Support up to two output channels per production
  • Include up to 40 cues per cue file


standardSCS Standard

All the features of SCS Lite, plus:

  • Play List Cues for your pre-show and intermission music
  • Support up to 4 output channels per production
  • Support for up to 2 SCS devices per audio file cue
  • Set start-at and end-at times within an audio file (so you can play just part of an audio file)
  • Level Change Cues enable you to automatically adjust another cue's level and/or pan over a specified time
  • Set up cues to auto-start at a time relative to the start or end of another cue
  • Time-Based cues, triggered to start at a specified time of day - useful for unattended pre-show announcements
  • Note Cues, to remind you of required other events or tasks, such as turning on house lights
  • Video Cues for playing video files to a video projector or external display
  • Support for ASIO audio drivers
  • Production Timer which can show you elapsed time since the production started
  • Include up to 80 cues per cue file


professionalSCS Professional 

All the features of SCS Standard, plus:

  • Support for up to 16 output channels per production
  • Support for up to 8 SCS devices per audio file cue
  • Lighting Cues that enable you to control lighting or other devices via DMX. (SCS Professional supports DMX channels 1-16 only, but SCS Professional Plus supports 2x512 DMX channel universes.)
  • MIDI control of cues using one of several methods including a subset of the MIDI Show Control (MSC) standard
  • RS232 control of cues
  • Control Send Cues that enable you to send MIDI control messages to an external device, such as for scene changes on a lighting board or a sound desk
  • MTC (MIDI Time Code) Cues that enable you to send MIDI Time Code to an external device, such as a lighting board
  • 'Go To' Cues that go back to an earlier cue in the cue list
  • 'Set Position' Cues that adjust the playback position within a currently-playing cue
  • 'Run External Program' Cues that enable you to run a program like PowerPoint (¬©Microsoft)
  • Live Input Cues (requires SoundMan-Server) for controlling live inputs
  • Unlimited number of cues per cue file
  • SoundMan-Server support


plusSCS Professional Plus

All the features of SCS Professional, plus:

  • Support for up to 32 output channels per production
  • Support for up to 16 SCS devices per audio file cue
  • Support for 2x512 DMX channel universes for lighting cues


SCS Platinum

All the features of SCS Professional Plus, plus:

  • Support for up to 512 output channels per production (with SoundMan-Server only)

Hear the difference. Download the Demo.

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