Palladium Messages

SCS supports the control of cues by MIDI messages sent by Palladium, which is a sound control system developed and marketed by CH Sound Design ( SCS can be used as a playback source for Palladium, and you can download Palladium playback files for SCS from the Palladium web site.

These MIDI messages are mapped to SCS MIDI cue numbers as follows:



'Go' Button

Note On 0

Play Cue 1 - 127

Note On 1 - 127

Pause/Resume Cue 1 - 127

Note Off 1 - 127

Go To Cue 1 - 127

Program Change 1 - 127

Load Cue 1 - 127

Key Pressure 1 - 127

Unload Cue 1 - 127

Channel Pressure 1 - 127

Stop Everything

Control Change 123, value 0

MIDI Channel: Select the MIDI Channel (1-16) that SCS is to monitor for these cue control messages.

NB undefined bytes in the MIDI messages, such as the 'velocity' for Note On and Note Off messages, may contain any value.
However, Note On messages with a velocity of 0 are converted internally to Note Off messages.

The above MIDI Message Assignments are set by default when 'Palladium' is selected as the Control Method. Other Cue Control Commands may be set as required, eg 'Fade All' may be assigned a Control Change message with a controller number other than 123.

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