MIDI Machine Control Messages

This section of the Help provides details on the SCS support for MIDI Machine Control (MMC) messages. MMC message bytes are principally defined using their hexadecimal values, such as 7FH (7F hexadecimal = 127 decimal).

Device Id: For MMC messages you need to select the Device Id that identifies SCS. SCS accepts MMC messages that have a Device Id that matches the Device Id.

Apply 'Fade All' for 'Stop All': There is a fairly limited number of standard MMC commands, and there isn't a standard command for fading out cues. SCS processes the MMC 'Stop' command as 'Stop All', but if you prefer to have this MMC command processed as 'Fade All' then select this checkbox. Note that this will apply to all MMC 'Stop' commands received from this Cue Control device.

SysEx message to run a cue

The format of a Machine Control message is as follows, where fixed value bytes are shown in hexadecimal:

F0 7F <Device Id> 06 <Command> F7

For SCS the required message format is as shown below:

Byte type



Start byte


Start of SysEx message.

Start of message



Device Id


The 'Device ID' that represents SCS.

SysEx message


Denotes a MIDI Machine Control message.



Commands currently recognized by SCS are:
   01 - Stop
   02 - Play
   03 - Deferred Play
   04 - Fast Forward
   05 - Rewind
   09 - Pause

See MMC Commands below for details.

Stop byte


End of SysEx message.

MMC Commands

The MMC commands currently recognized by SCS are as follows:


All currently running cues are stopped (implemented as per 'Stop All'), unless the Apply 'Fade All' for 'Stop All' checkbox is set, in which case all currenlt running cues are fadede out and stopped (as per 'Fade All').


Activates the 'Go' button if this button is enabled, otherwise the command is ignored.

Deferred Play

As 'Play'.

Fast Forward

Go to the next manual-start cue (implemented as per 'Go To Next' in the main window's Navigate menu).


Go to the previous manual-start cue (implemented as per 'Go Back' in the main window's Navigate menu).


Pause all running cues, or resume after a previously-issued 'Pause All'. (Implemented as per the 'Pause All / Resume All' button in the main window.)

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