New Registrations for Permanent Licenses

Registration of SCS requires you to purchase a single-user or multi-user license. Please read our Terms and Conditions before making your purchase.

For permanent licenses, the license fee entitles you to free updates for 12 months. After this free update period you can purchase an update plan for an additional 12 months for only 20% of the cost of a new registration.

If you want to use SCS for teaching purposes in an educational establishment with several concurrent users or you are a group with several concurrent productions, then a multi-user license is available.

If you are already an SCS User, you can upgrade to a 2 User license via the Upgrade page. To upgrade to another multi-user license, please email with details of the upgrade required for prices.

Not sure which license level to buy? Check Features to see what is available in each license level.

For a single-user license fill in your details below. To purchase a multi-user license click here.

Paying and Registering via PayPal. (You can use most credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club. You do not need a PayPal account.)

SCS User Name Choose a name to use for registering your copy of SCS (maximum 50 characters). If you are buying SCS for an organization, such as a theatre or school, please use that name. We use the buyer's name as a contact name. You can change the contact name, email address and password at 'Change Details' at any time.
Your email address. Your registration details will be emailed to this address.
Required license level Upgrades are available for the difference in price plus a small administration fee.
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