Time Fields

Times in SCS are generally held in milliseconds. There are a couple of exceptions to this: 'time of day' fields and 'cue points'. 'Time of day' fields are held internally as seconds since midnight. 'Cue points' are held to 5 decimal places of seconds.

For time fields such as 'start at', 'end at', 'fade-in time', and so on, you can drag a marker on a graph (if available) to set the time, or you can enter the time manually in the provided text box. When entering a time manually, the following examples illustrate ways in which you can enter a time:

Time Entered



25 seconds


1.410 seconds


0.8 seconds (800 milliseconds)

2:1.7 or 2.1.7

2 minutes, 1.7 seconds

12:34.567 or 12.34.567

12 minutes, 34.567 seconds


100 seconds (1 minute, 40 seconds) - will be redisplayed as 1:40.000

Note that "." may be entered instead of ":" as a separator between minutes and seconds to enable times to be entered using just the numeric pad.

Regardless of the format you use when entering a time, SCS reformats the time to a standard format and may redisplay the reformatted time.