Fixing Stuttering or Skipping Audio

The troubleshooting information below is only relevant when using the BASS audio library as your Audio Driver.

If you are encountering stuttering or skipping audio, this is probably due to "buffer underrun", which means the program is not filling the playback buffer fast enough from disk. You should find this will be fixed if you choose not to use the BASS mixer. The default playback buffer size when using the internal mixer is 300ms (it has to be short), but when not using the internal mixer the default playback buffer size is 5000ms. Set the required options as follows:

Click the Options toolbar button

Select Audio Driver Settings / DirectSound/WASAPI

Select Do NOT use BASS mixer

Make sure the buffering and update options are set to SCS default...

Then click OK to save the changes, and close and restart SCS.


If you are using ASIO outputs and your sound card does not have a non-ASIO driver (ie does not have a DirectSound/WASAPI driver) then see ASIO Problems.