Setting Up Your Video Projector For Videos and Still Images

To display videos and still images on a video projector, the video projector must be configured in Windows as an extension of the Windows desktop, eg as Screen 2. To set up the video projector (or another monitor) as an extension of the Windows desktop, right-click on the Windows desktop and select 'Display Settings'. You should then see a graphic depicting the current display configuration. If the graphic shows a single box containing 1|2 then select 'Extend these displays'.

SCS 11 supports up to 8 additional screens, and any such screen you use must be configured as an extension of the Windows desktop.

When SCS opens a cue file, if there is at least one video/image cue and the required secondary screen (eg video projector) is detected, then a maximized black borderless window is opened on the secondary screen, and any videos and images are displayed in that window. So the secondary screen remains black when not playing cues.