Show Cue System (SCS) (originally known as Sound Cue System) was designed and written by Mike Daniell of:

Show Cue Systems Pty Ltd
PO Box 5037, Victoria Point,
Queensland 4165, Australia.

Australian Business Number: ABN 40 219 268 559

Latest information on SCS can be obtained from

Design and programming assistance also provided by Dee Ireland.

SCS would not have been written and developed without the cooperation of the directors of the former Harvest Rain Theatre Company in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. My thanks to David and Robbie Parkin, and also to the many actors and crew who have been a great encouragement to me.

My thanks go to the many users who have contributed ideas for new features and to those who have assisted in 'release candidate' testing.

The code for importing cues from an exported ETC show file is based on ideas and code supplied by Roger Forsey and is used with his permission. (ETC: Electronic Theatre Controls -

Several users contributed ideas for the Level Envelope design, but special thanks go to Christian Peters for his suggestions and for his comprehensive testing of this feature.

The Network control of various projectors requires SCS to handle a login dialog. Thanks go to Mikk Mengel, Brian O'Connor and Jörg Deitz, all of whom provided useful information and assisted in testing the new code.

The "Stop Watch" idea based on the SCS Production Timer was supplied by Michel Windogradoff.

The design and testing of DMX Lighting Cues has been significantly helped by Bruce Gray, Lluís Vilarrasa and Michel Windogradoff.

The X32 MIDI message formats included in the 'control send remote device' file were built and tested with the assistance of Dave Korman.

Demo File Credits

The original demo cue file was prepared by Mike Daniell, and the 'v2' version includes additions by Dee Ireland.

In the demo the 'Intermission' music items Lazy Boogie, Movement 1, Swing Fling were composed and performed by Larry Gosmeyer and are used with his permission.

The Tiger Island music in the demo is an extract from the Tiger Island Preshow music that can be heard at Dreamworld’s Tiger Island, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The music was composed, arranged and produced and is copyright © 2004 by Wesley Taylor ( in association with Mark Eady of Ozworks Entertainment Pty Ltd, and is used with Wes Taylor's permission.

The opening overture music is by kind permission of Boxtree Productions Ltd,

The opening voice overs are by kind permission of Mr B Fairchild.

The videos at the end are also by kind permission of Boxtree Productions Ltd from their touring family friendly show King Arthur.

Spanish and Catalan translations by Lluís Vilarrasa.

French translation by Michel Winogradoff.

Italian translation by Davide Bellucci.

German translation by Uwe Hinkel.

Japanese translation by Masashi Doi.

Polish translation by Krystian Kobus.

Chinese translation by 广州龙音视界科技服务有限责任公司.

SCS 11 is primarily coded in PureBasic, copyright © Fantaisie Software (

SCS uses the BASS Audio Library, copyright © un4seen developments (

Tempo and pitch adjustments are processed using BASS_FX when the selected audio driver is DirectSound, WASAPI or ASIO (using BASS). BASS_FX is copyright © Arthur Aminov.

SCS Professional and higher licenses may also use SoundMan-Server (SM-S), copyright © Richmond Sound Design Ltd ( For further credits re SM-S, see the Help topic SoundMan-Server.

TVideoGrabber (TVG) is copyright Datastead (

DMX control uses code supplied by Future Technology Devices International Ltd ( and ENTTEC (

SCS 11 uses code based on the expat XML parser, which is licensed under the MIT license which can be viewed here.

SCS uses the MediaInfo library.

Selected SCS installation files contain LAVFilters written by Hendrik Leppkes and included with his permission.

ASIO is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.

VST PlugIn Interface Technology by Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH, implemented in SCS using software supplied by Bjoern Petersen Software Design'n'Development ( and BaseHead LLC (

vMix is copyright © StudioCoast Pty Ltd (, Robina, Queensland, Australia. vMix is a registered trademark.

LightFactory is copyright © Dream Solutions Ltd (, Auckland, New Zealand.

TheatreMix is copyright © Mixing Technology Pty Ltd (, Melbourne, Australia.

Wave file editing software referred to in this documentation is GoldWave, (copyright © Chris S. Craig). Information on GoldWave can be obtained from

For information on the Matrox GXM's (Graphics eXpansion Modules) referred to in this documentation, see Matrox Grahics eXpansion Modules.

And finally, thank you to all registered users, because without your registrations it would not be possible to continue developing SCS.