Lighting Devices - Pre SCS 11.8


If you open a cue file that with Lighting Devices that were added in SCS 11.7.1 or earlier then the properties may include Dimmable Channels under Fixtures. This property is no longer required due to the properties now available with Fixture Types. (Fixture Types did not exist in SCS 11.7.1 and earlier versions.) If SCS finds any Fixtures for this Lighting Device contain Dimmable Channels, then the display will appear as shown below:

Dimmable Channels: If this fixture is to be faded up or down then SCS needs to know which relative channels are 'dimmable'. If a Lighting Cue is set to fade out other active fixtures then you do not want SCS to 'fade' channels assigned to pan and tilt, etc - just channels that directly affect the intensity of the fixture's light. The Dimmable Channel numbers may be entered individually, separated by commas (eg 1,7,8) or as a range (eg 1-3), or a combination of the two forms (eg 1,3-6,12-14). In practice, you will probably only need to enter a single channel or a simple range. Example: In the venue for the above production, the 'mover' lights are MAC 350 Entours, each configured to use 17 DMX channels. Channel 2 is the intensity channel, so only channel 2 has been nominated as dimmable. However, the LED par cans are simple 3-channel RGB fixtures, so all 3 channels are nominated as dimmable.

Note: For new productions, please use the new Fixture Types so you can then make full use of the new SCS features, which enhances yet simplifies the setting up and testing of Lighting Cues.