Cue Control using a Behringer X32

Network (TCP/UDP) Cue Control is only available with SCS Professional Plus and higher license levels.

You can control SCS cues from a Behringer X32 Digital Mixer or X32 Compact Mixer using the X32's user assignable buttons. For example, you can set up these controls as shown here:

The above shows the configuration for 'Set C, Button 5'.

In SCS you can setup a Cue Control Device in Production Properties as shown here:

The IP address should be the same as that used for the X32 in the Control Send Devices (if used).

Under Cue Control Commands, select the buttons you want to use for any of the commands you want to control from the X32. You do not need to assign buttons to all the commands, so if you only want 'Go' Button and Stop Everything then you only need to select buttons for those two commands.

For the X32 Digital Mixer, buttons available are A-5 to A-12, B-5 to B-12, and C-5 to C-12, corresponding to physical buttons 5 to 12 in sets A, B and C. For the X32 Compact Mixer, buttons available are A-1 to A-8, B-1 to B-8, and C-1 to C-8, corresponding to physical buttons 1 to 8 in sets A, B and C.

The Network Message Formats... panel is a display-only list of the OSC commands corresponding to each selected command.

On the X32 we recommend you use buttons in set C as sets A and B are pre-populated, whereas set C buttons are initially unassigned (at least in X32 firmware version 2.14).

Some points and recommendations about assigning these buttons on the X32 (see first screenshot above):

The Target Type of each button you want to assign should be set to Midi Push, even though we are not using a Midi connection for this purpose.

Leave Message and Channel at the default first setting, as shown in the X32 screenshot.

If you have two or more buttons assigned then it is vital that each button sends a unique MIDI message, so we recommend you set Value to the button number. (The OSC command doesn't contain any of the information gathered from the MIDI assignments, but if you have several buttons with exactly the same assignments then pressing any one of those buttons may cause the X32 to transmit OSC commands for all buttons with that assignment, although Behringer did fix that issue at firmware version 2.14.)

Using the above X32 settings, the OSC command sent on pressing button C-5 is "/-stat/userpar/17/value ,i 127". When the button is released the X32 sends "/-stat/userpar/17/value ,i 0". SCS only considers the non-zero value, ie the press of the button, not the release of the button. The number 17 indicates button C-5. The complete range is 1-12: A5-A12; 13-16: B5-B12; 17-24: C5-C12. (These numbers apply to the X32 Digital Mixer, not the X32 Compact Mixer.)

Note that X32 button assignments are scene-specific, so if you are using multiple scenes then you will need to store these assignments with each scene, or preferably set them up at the start of preparing a production.

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