Open Favorite


Using Open Favorite you can open an SCS cue file that you have saved in your 'Favorites' list. You can also use this option to manage your Favorites list, such as by adding the currently-open cue file to your Favorites. The Production Name and File Name for each of your 'favorite' files is displayed, in the order specified in your Favorites list.


Show at startup: See the description of this checkbox under Load Production Window.

Open this Cue File: To open one of the listed files, click on that cue file (production) in the list and click Open this Cue File.

Manage: This will open the Favorite Cue Files window to allow you to manage your list of favorite files, such as to add files to the list, remove files from the list, or re-order the list.

Close SCS (or Cancel): See the description of this button under Load Production Window.